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Maths strategy - You will find Maths easy
Maths is delivered in a clear and coherent manner that puts emphasis on breaking the problem down into a series of simple steps. If your having problems with specific topics, require rapid revision or need to improve on your exam technique then one-to-one tuition will make a considerable difference.  It is one of the most efficient forms of learning and you will notice the improvement in a very short period of time.
Did you know?
Arithmetical triangles were found in Chinese and Persian Mathematics textbooks between 1100 – 1300 AD.  In the 17 century, Blaise Pascal rediscovered the arithemetical triangle and it is now well known as Pascal’s triangle.  Pascal’s triangle is very useful in Mathematics for expanding binomial expressions of the form (x + y)ª.
Science strategy - you will not be struggling but improving
The important topics, sometimes referred to as backbone topics, are covered in detail.  Other related topics are more easily understood as there is a process of coherence where topics are delivered in an appropriate order that avoids unnecessary confusion.
Did you know?
On 30 June 1908 in Tunguska, Siberia an area of forest up to 60 km spanning from a central point was devastated.  The trees had been blown down facing away from the central point so that it resembled the aftermath of a mid-air atomic explosion. However, this occurred about 40 years before the development of the atomic bomb.  Although there are a number of theories for the cause of this event, the most widely accepted one is that an airburst explosion of a comet occurred 8 km above the Earth’s surface.


Hourly rates                  
Level          per hour       ages           
KS3            £20                11 - 14
KS4            £25                14 - 16
AS/A2         £30                16 - 18

Discounted rates for 2 hours or more.

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